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CCPS offer the full range of original Carver One parts, ranging from standard service and routine maintenance kits through to complete DVC system components, both hydraulic and mechanical. Bodywork parts and trims, including windows, are also in stock, together with complete engine rear frames and full chassis. Engine sets, gear boxes, interior panels, wiring harnesses etc. are all available ex stock. So anything from a simple annual service through to a full car rebuild is available from the CCPS stores.

In addition to the original equipment components, CCPS also provide an expanding range of special parts to enhance the Carver One driving experience – see below for our current range on offer.

Special Parts

CCPS (along with some much appreciated help from volunteer owners) have developed a range of upgrades and add-ons available for your Carver. These are generally to improve performance, reliability or usability and in some cases all three. Some items are in stock, others are made to order – so if you are interested in any of the items below, please contact us regarding pricing and lead times.
Please note – any item shown with an asterisk (*) requires specialist installation by a Carver service agent.
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  • LED lighting packs
    We now supply LED lighting upgrades for the rear light clusters and also for day time running lights (DRLs) built into the wing mirror housings. The DRLs are available with either a clear or smoked lens. We have also been testing a range of options for LED headlights, and can now offer a unit based on Phillips technology with 8 LED’s per bulb. These come complete with ballast units, which have the added benefit of eliminating the infamous “dimming” headlamp problem. Hoorah!
    LED side lights are also available to complete the lighting package. Interior lights and number plate lights are under test and we hope to announce these in due course.
    Upgrade compoents for Carver One front lights to LED
    Carver One fitted with smoked daytime running lights
    Carver One Daytime Running Lights clear and smoked
    Carver One with daytime running lights turned on
    Carver One with daytime running lights indicating
    Carver One new rear LED switched off
    Carver One new rear LED switched On
    Carver One new rear LED indicating
    Note: Owners should make themselves aware of the legality of using LED headlamp bulbs in their respective countries.
  • Camber bolt spacer washers*
    Most Carver owners experience uneven wear on the rear tyres, the inner edges wearing very quickly. This is because the rear damper design does not allow the camber to be set correctly. CCPS have a modification kit comprising spacer washers and extended camber bolts which, when fitted, allow the suspension to be adjusted to give the correct camber angle setting.
    Two large bolts that allow Carver One camber to be set correctly
  • Front hub and discs*
    Some Carvers suffer from severe vibration on braking coming from the front of the car. There have been countless theories on the cause of this problem and after many hours of investigation CCPS have finally resolved the issue. The root cause is that the original hubs were not manufactured to specification, causing the disc to run out of true. CCPS now offer re-engineered hubs on an exchange basis, plus services to fully refurbish original discs – a combination which cures the problem for good!
    Old Carver One Front disc
    New Carver One Front disc
    Old Carver One Front hub
    New Carver One Front hub
  • Level Sensor washer kit*
    There are a number of problems with the design of the DVC level sensor, all of which result in DVC oil leaks. The cause of these is threefold – rubber seals which are not compatible with DVC oil, a poorly sealed cable exit and machining burrs within the DVC tank. CCPS provide a modified level sensor and washer kit with redesigned seals which helps to overcome these issues. An improved sealant arrangement for the cable exit is also available, although this can only be supplied with a new level sensor.
    Original Parts
    Looking inside Carver One DVC tank at broken level sensor
    Old Carver One DVC level sensor  seal
    Carver One Level sensor removed from tank with old seal
    Carver One DVC tank showing burrs rough edges
    New special parts
    Inside Carver One DVC tank fitted with new level sensor
    New Carver One level sensor with connector
    New washers for Carver One DVC level sensor
  • Pivot Bars*
    There are a number of solutions on offer to improve the performance of the pivot bar. Some of these simply strengthen the original construction, whilst others are based on new and revised designs. CCPS are happy to discuss the options available with the owner - who can then make an informed choice as to their preferred option.

    New Carver One pivot bars from above
    New Carver One pivot bars from front
  • Replacement DVC hoses*
    The original Carver One DVC hoses are prone to leaks, especially on the high pressure side of the hydraulic system. Our replacement kits of around 10 hoses are remanufactured in an upgraded material and have now been installed in many owners’ cars. We can also supply new thermo heat shielding to protect the hoses should the existing foil wrap be damaged or worn.
    Replacement DVC Carver One hoses
  • Handbrake extender / performance kits*
    There are two issues with the handbrake on the Carver One – firstly the standard handbrake performance is rather poor and secondly the handbrake lever is difficult to reach.
    Designed in conjunction with one of our UK owners, there is now a kit available which increases the leverage of the system and raises the height of the handbrake lever within the car. As a result, handbrake performance and usability are much improved.
    Above view of Carver One handbakre modification
    Side view of Carver One handbakre modification
  • Plug-in voltmeters
    A really handy item to have in your Carver, this digital voltmeter simply plugs into the cigar lighter socket and displays the battery voltage – an added benefit is that it also has a USB socket for supplying power to a smartphone or satnav device.
    Plug in volt meter for Carver One viewed from front
    Plug in volt meter for Carver One viewed from above
  • Stainless steel fixtures and fittings
    Due to road debris being thrown up by the front wheel, the underside paint finish on the car’s undertrays and brackets can rapidly deteriorate and subsequently rust. CCPS have introduced and number of stainless steel upgrades, which include:
    • stainless steel body undertray
    • stainless steel engine rear frame undertray
    • stainless steel front mud flap brackets
    Old and New Carver One under trays
    New stainless steel front mud flap braket for Carver One
  • Rear Mudguard support brackets
    The original Carver fibreglass mudguards are fixed with rivets to a steel support bracket. Eventually the rivets become loose as their fixing holes enlarge and the mudguards start to rattle. This is due to vibration and shocks transmitted from the rear suspension. CCPS supply an upgrade kit with additional stainless steel brackets which fit on the inside edge of the mudguard and act as a clamp to hold the mudguard in place. Stainless securing screws replace the original steel rivets and these are supplied with the brackets to complete the upgrade kit.
    Old Carver One broken rear mug guard bracket
    Old Carver One cracked rear mud guard bracket
    New stainless steel mud brakets for Carver One
    New Carver One stainless steel rear mud guard bracket kit
  • Front tilt lever bolts – high tensile*
    Having now serviced several owners’ cars, CCPS have discovered that some cars are experiencing erratic tilting caused by play in the front tilt lever. As this lever is the main connection between the steering and the tilt rod and tilting system, it is essential that there is no play in the connection. CCPS have introduced an improved fixing arrangement using a high tensile bolt and lock nut.
    Old Carver One font tilt lever bolt
    New high tensile front tilt lever bolt for Carver One
  • Starter Actuator Kit *
    Some Carvers suffer from a temperamental starter solenoid, which prevents the car from starting when the engine is hot.  This often happens just after filling up in a petrol station, which is really annoying.  Previous workarounds have included allowing time for the engine to cool a little, then trying the starter again.  Some owners say that rocking the car in gear can also help.
    Now at last a permanent fix is available - the CCPS Starter Actuator Kit gives a power boost to the starter solenoid, which ensures reliable engine starting every time, regardless of engine temperature.
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