Run by owners, for owners, CCPS provide comprehensive workshop facilities to ensure the best possible maintenance and repair service on offer for the Carver One. Our technicians have in-depth knowledge of every aspect of the Carver One, with many years experience maintaining the special systems deployed in this very unique vehicle. CCPS has designed and developed a series of special tools and test equipment to aid with diagnostics and setup, which means every Carver One leaving our workshops is driving as it should…. and quite often better than when it left the factory!

Inspection & Test

CCPS carries out a unique 100+ point inspection of your Carver, which includes (but is not limited to) the following: -
  • DVC System (mechanical, electrical & hydraulic components and hoses)
  • Recalls (installation status of each)
  • Engine and Turbo (hoses, belts, exhaust)
  • Brakes (pads, discs, handbrake adjustment)
  • Clutch (slave cylinder operation & adjustment)
  • Running gear (steering, suspension, ball joints)
  • Body work (undertrays, mudguard fixings, mudflaps)
  • Routine checks (tyres, fluid levels, filters, heater controls)
  • Lubrication and greasing (tilt cylinders, bearings, vulnerable electrical connectors)
  • Road test (steering, tilting, handling)
The results are documented in a check list for the owner, identifying any replacement parts required, together with ‘advisories’ for any item which needs monitoring and servicing at a future time.
If the DVC system is misbehaving, we can thoroughly investigate the problem by running comprehensive tests to monitor the operation of the main valve, backup unit, solenoids and sensors. System pressure testing using special monitoring equipment allows for rapid determination of any major component failure and eliminates the need for extensive (and expensive) fault finding by trial and error.

Three Wheel Alignment

Critical to the Carver One is the setup and alignment of the steering and suspension, but this is complicated by the vehicle having only three wheels. Furthermore, there is an original design problem with the rear suspension assembly which prevents the correct camber setup for the rear wheels - hands up all Carver owners whose rear tyres wear out on the inner edge very quickly?!
CCPS have spent considerable time and effort to design and develop a set of workshop equipment and procedures (together with some special upgrade parts) which overcome these issues. Your Carver can now be aligned to the correct factory setting, improving handling and significantly reducing rear tyre wear. Our alignment services include:
  • Rear wheel camber, toe-in & tracking
  • Camber bolt spacer kit installation
  • Full front wheel & steering alignment
  • Steering damper adjustment
  • Steering wheel & limiter adjustment
Correct adjustment and alignment transforms the handling of the car and takes driver satisfaction into the realms of tilt-tastic heaven. The only unhappy person will be your local tyre supplier!
For those wishing to experiment, the rear damping can also be adjusted for a firmer (although slightly ‘bouncy’) ride and CCPS are also investigating the potential for a fully adjustable front damper upgrade in the future – watch this space.

Special Services for the DVC system

Carver One DVC main value with solenoids Carver One DVC spool valve
As part of our comprehensive service capability, CCPS offer some special refurbishment and rebuild services for the DVC Main Valve and its components, although these are normally only provided whilst the Carver is at our service facility. This is because any work on the ‘heart’ of the DVC system requires clean working conditions, specialist knowledge and careful working practices to be deployed.

Park Solenoid upgrades & refurbishment

Carver One park solenoid with destroyed O rings Carver One park solenoids with with old rings (left) and new rings (right) set of Carver One solenoids
The original Park Solenoid, factory fitted to all Carvers, was subsequently upgraded to accommodate new o-ring seals and backup rings. In the early years, a factory exchange programme was instigated by Carver, but we are finding some cars with the original solenoid still fitted. In most cases we can re-engineer the solenoid and upgrade it to the latest specification, without the need to replace it. We supply and fit improved o-rings and the all important backup rings to ensure the Park Solenoid is operating correctly at all times.

Main Valve refurbishment

Carver One DVC main valve with blanking solenoids Carver One disassembled DVC system completed refurbished Carver One DVC system
We stock all the o-rings, seals and backup rings to facilitate a complete overhaul of the DVC Main Valve. As part of the refurbishment, every component is removed from the valve, oil ways are checked and cleaned, the main spool valve is re-polished, and all solenoids and sensors are checked, then refitted with new seals throughout. This comprehensive service ensures the Main Valve is working at optimum performance to continue delivering the best tilting experience possible.

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