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Starter Actuator Kit

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Some Carvers suffer from a temperamental starter solenoid, which prevents the car from starting when the engine is hot. This often happens just after filling up in a petrol station, which is really annoying. Previous workarounds have included allowing time for the engine to cool a little, then trying the starter again. Some owners say that rocking the car in gear can also help.
Now at last a permanent fix is available - the CCPS Starter Actuator Kit gives a power boost to the starter solenoid, which ensures reliable engine starting every time, regardless of engine temperature.

CARVERS in hot countries – beware the heat from the sun!

Now having serviced several Carvers which are kept and driven in hot countries, CCPS have discovered a problem which is unique to those cars and countries.

With direct exposure to heat from the sun, the instrument binnacle (the cover over the dashboard which houses the LED tilt lights) distorts and loses its curved shape. Eventually the top becomes so distorted that it prevents access to the LED tilt lights circuit board.
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This picture shows the original and correct shape for the binnacle
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The effect of heat and sun - distorted & flattened top to the binnacle. The small ridge in the middle is where the binnacle has sagged around the LED circuit board.
The issue for Carver owners is that should the LED board fail (which has known to be problematic in the past) then a new replacement binnacle is also required, as once out of shape, it is impossible to access or remove the original LED board.

As a preventative measure, CCPS suggest cutting a piece of Solar/Sun Shade reflective silver foil material, to cover over the binnacle at all times when the Carver is parked/not in use. Sun shades for car windscreens are readily available from most car accessory shops and supermarkets, or can be bought online via Amazon or eBay.

The "Beast from the East"

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Following CCPS having recently received a bit of a battering from “The Beast from the East”, we think this is a good opportunity to remind owners that CCPS do not have or provide any form of insurance cover for vehicles during transportation, or whilst in storage or undergoing maintenance and repair work. This is because CCPS is run as a Club and not a business.
Vehicles are therefore transported and left at CCPS wholly at the owner's risk and owners need to arrange appropriate 'All Risks' insurance cover for their Carver whilst transported to or located at CCPS. For insurance information, all cars are stored inside, under cover (contact CCPS for the postcode if required).
Owners should also ensure their policy includes 'Road Risks' cover, to allow for driving and road tests following the repairs and maintenance work.
Says Jonathan Bedford, Carver Owners Club President "whenever my Carver is at CCPS for servicing, I always email my insurance company to let them know. I would encourage all other Carver owners to do the same"

Owners Reviews / Feedback

"Thank you very much! I'll be happy to recommend CCPS, not only for the efficient and personalized service and attention, but also encourage all owners to join the club.” (VIN073)
"your organization is simply unbelievable -
parts are here,
thank you thank you” (VIN154)
"I just received my VIN063 from CCPS's service.
It's outrageous, they definitivly need more support. They've done a great job on it. The ride was sublime! I've noticed that a fully functional Carver has different working sounds.
Go to CCPS, service approved!" (VIN063)
"I have owned my Carver One from new and I have found Club Carver Parts and Service (CCPS) offer the best quality and value for money.
They have developed specialist equipment to diagnose problems, instead of just changing parts (at my cost) to try to fix any issues.
Also they have immediate access to the spare parts and therefore their service is quick.
Thanks, keep up the excellent job" (VIN034)
"Appreciate the superb support offered by you, Jonathan and the CCPS and CVR-OC teams respectively." (VIN162)
"I had tried to work on my Carver to fix things but I failed and then it stood for a few years with out use. But then I got it to CCPS and they transformed it and now it is better than when it was new.
I couldn't ask for a more helpful bunch, TX Guys!" (VIN172)

Useful CCPS Documents to download

We have several useful documents that you may wish to keep on your smart phone. These include information about fuses, tyre sizes and pressures, lubricants, DVC error codes, etc.
See all these on our
download page.

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