About Club Carver Parts and Service (CCPS)

Organised as a private club rather than a business and run by volunteer Carver owners and enthusiasts in the UK, CCPS has been set-up to provide consistent supply of parts, maintenance and specialist technical services for all owners of that very special machine - the Carver One.

Keeping your Carver One in tilt-tastic condition for the years to come is dear to our hearts – and that’s why CCPS is run on a not-for-profit basis, with revenues from sales of parts being re-invested in new replacement stocks and R&D for add-ons and upgrades.

With all the original Carver parts now re-located to our custom built 4500 sqft storage facility in North Wales, plus 3000 sqft of comprehensive workshops on hand for servicing, maintenance and repairs, CCPS aim to satisfy the needs of every Carver One owner worldwide.
Map showing location of Club Carver Parts and Service in Wales
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  • Our Mission

    Fly The Road forever....

    Club Carver has been setup with simply one objective - to provide the necessary facilities to allow owners to maximise their enjoyment of a very special machine - the Carver One.
    To do this, we have brought together the two essential ingredients that can make this happen - consistent supply of parts and specialist technical services.
    Club Carver is run by enthusiastic owners, who understand the needs of other Carver owners worldwide - and who are also hooked on the unique driving sensation that only Carver ownership brings.
    We are a club, not a business.  We therefore supply parts and services to owners only on a private club basis, because we love our cars and we want to ensure as many of them as possible are out on the road, rather than languishing in a garage waiting for parts, maintenance or repairs.
    We have purchased and transferred all Carver One parts to a new location in the UK, with full service and repair facilities alongside.  We have also procured some of the original factory assembly and test equipment to ensure we can provide the specialist maintenance services that only a Carver One requires.  Our engineers have plenty of experience in working on Carvers and we have developed several upgrades for the car to improve reliability and handling.  Services also include full camber and tracking setup and front wheel alignment, main valve refurbishment & rebuilds, and 50-point service checks.  We are re-building stocks of some essential parts and also developing improved versions for better reliability or improved performance.

    The "Club Carver Parts & Service" scheme is available to all members of the independent UK Carver Club. To qualify you must be a UK Carver Club Member and have supplied your Name, Email address and VIN number to the Club, together with a photograph of your Carver.  You can do this by contacting Jonathan Bedford, Owners Club President, at CVR-OC.  Click on the 'Links' section for his contact details and register your car in just a few easy steps. There is currently no membership fee for the UK Club.
    We look forward to working with all Carver owners in the near future, for our common goal… to Fly The Road forever!
  • Parts & Servicing Facilities photos
    Carver One Body Shells
    Carver One with rear frame removed
    Carver One Parts in yellow and red storage boxes
    Carver One tilted on special maintenace stand
    Multi-coloured storage boxes with Carver One parts
    View inside CCPS Carver One parts storage
    Carver One rear frames stacked in CCPS warehouse
    Six Carver Ones in Club Carver Parts and Service workshop
  • Contact Information
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    Club Carver Parts and Service (CCPS) can be contacted at CarverOneParts for all your Carver One Parts and Service needs.

Club Carver Parts & Service