Transporting a Carver One

As you would expect, a specialist 3-wheeled car like the Carver One, needs specialist transportation services when moving the vehicle from one location to another.
Here we outline the services available from the Club, together with some important recommendations to reduce the risk of damage during transportation, when using third party companies.

Collections and Delivery Service

CCPS offer a collection and delivery service for Carvers anywhere in Europe. Our big yellow long-wheelbase Transit van, re-christened the "Carver Ambulance", has collected and delivered cars for servicing throughout the UK - and as far as Germany and Ancona in Italy.

Please get in touch if you are interested in this

Silver Carver One in back of yellow Carver One ambulance
Clara Carver One in back of yellow Carver One ambulance
Clara Carver One starting to be loaded in to  back of yellow Carver One ambulance
Clara Carver One just fits in Carver One ambulance

Meet and Greet Service

We firmly believe CCPS offer the best possible facilities and technical expertise for servicing your Carver One. But we recognise that there can be a lot of travelling for some European owners when contemplating bringing their Carver One to CCPS’s service HQ in North Wales.

To help reduce this, we can provide a ‘meet and greet’ service to most UK ports (Hull, Dover, Holyhead, etc) where we will meet you at the ferry port to collect or deliver your car in our famous yellow ‘Carver-friendly’ transit van. Providing fully covered transport for the UK leg of the journey, this will significantly reduce your personal travel time, whilst offering a less costly alternative to our full door-to-door collection and delivery service.

If you are interested in this service, then email us with your location and likely UK port of arrival and we will be very pleased to help with a suitable travel itinerary.

Transportation using other 3rd party companies

Due to location, logistics and/or convenience, you may wish to use the services of a 3rd party transport company. There is generally no problem with this, provided the company have suitable loading arrangements for three wheeled vehicles. However, we would strongly advise that the company is made aware of our recommendations for securing the Carver for transport, as detailed below.

Securing a Carver One for transportation

Securing the Carver after loading on the transport is not as easy as it would seem. For the inexperienced, it can be quite tricky to see the best way to mount the securing straps, especially in view of the design of the rear frame and tilting mechanisms. To reduce the risk of any damage to the vehicle, CCPS recommend the following locations for the securing straps.
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To download a PDF showing the full details, please click the button below.

Securing a Carver One that has lost hydraulic pressure

If the Carver will not stay upright for long, or is ‘rocking’ on its tilt cylinders when upright, or worse still, has fallen over completely to one side – then before transportation, the body needs to be held upright using protective rubber faced timber chocks. CCPS recommend the following design and location for the chocks required.
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To download a PDF showing the full details, please click the button below.
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